If you have never been to Mid-America you owe it to yourself to check out the racing action.

If you don't believe us, check out the list of Professional riders that have ridden at Mid-America or read our Reviews page.

We know that our spectators and riders come out to see racing and that is what you will see at Mid-America.

Track prep starts early in the week which means that the amount of maintenance required on race night is minimal.

Please see the schedule page for exact start times for each event.

Our awards banquet is Nov 14, 2015. Please see the link at the top of the page for more info.

Saturday Night Admission:

Grandstand age 10+: $8
Grandstand age 5-9: $4
Pits age 10+: $10
Pits age 5-9: $5
Age 5 and under free

*Everybody entering the pits must sign a release.

Riders/Spectators under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guradian to enter the pits.



We have confirmed the following riders will be racing at Mid America Speedway at the 6th Annual Night Before the Indy Mile on July 10th, 2015.

  • Brad Baker
  • Scott Baker
  • Henry Wiles
  • Jared Mees
  • Sam Halbert
  • Brandon Wilhelm
  • Jay Maloney #12
  • Chris Boone
  • Jarod Vanderkooi
  • Rob Pearson

They will be running for a chance at $1000 in the Dash For Cash provided by D&D Exhaust, with an extra $500 if the winner runs a D&D Exhaust. 

We are running limited classes this night.  Classes that are being run are: 50cc Chain/Shaft, 65cc, 80-200 (two or four stroke) Youth, 250cc Money, Vet 30+, Vet 50+, Vintage Light(0-350cc) and Vintage Heavy (351cc+), Open Quad, Open Amateur Bike, and Open Pro Bike. A rider can only enter one of the Open Bike Classes, Pro or Amateur, but not both.  

Mike O'Neil is also bringing his 1949 Indian. Arrows out to Mid-America.  Here is a link to their last appearance at Mid-America in 2011.  The man responsible for bringing us the seven 1949 Indian Arrow Flattrack racers, Bob Stark, passed awayon June 28th.  The funeral will be on July 3rd in Cypress, CA.  If there is one person who could be credited with keeping the Indian legacy alive and strong from the closing of the original factory in 1953 until the marques recent success, this is the man.  Hundreds of vintage Indians are on the road as a result of his efforts to make old and reproduction parts available. More importantly, he always took the time to share his mechanical and historical knowledge with anyone who had the desire to learn about the subject.  He assembled the Arrows purely out of a desire to make people aware of an Indian model that had nearly been forgotten.  The Arrows will be racing in Bob's honor at Mid-America.   

This is shaping up as a must see race. Don't miss it!


Night Before The Indy Mile Results. 




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